VINCENT DAGENAIS GIBSON was established in 1897 by Joseph Ulric Vincent, approximately one year after the establishment of the Canadian Bar Association in 1896 and prior to the Great Ottawa Fire of 1900.

At that time, the Firm was a pioneer in the bourgeoning City of Ottawa, which itself was only 60 years old. The Firm became well known in the francophone community of Bytown and today operates from offices which are only a few blocks away from where the Firm began in lower town.

The Firm has attracted many distinguished practitioners in its long history who were politicians, community leaders and judges, including in recent years George Addy and Peter Annis, Justices of the Federal Court, Richard Lajoie, Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice, Albert Roy, Jean-Charles Sirois and Pierre Mercier all Justices of the Superior Court of Justice, and the Honourable Lionel Choquette, senator. Over the years, a number of lawyers have acted as trustees of the County of Carleton Law Association as well as some who have acted as part-time Crown Attorneys.

The Firm has benefitted from the strong commitment of its professional staff, many of whom started their careers with the Firm and practiced law with the Firm until their retirement.

Vincent Dagenais Gibson remains, to this day, one of Ottawa's leading bilingual law Firms serving the National Capital Region and surrounding areas. The Firm has represented some of its clients for over 100 years and continues its long tradition of excellence and innovation.